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Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

Von Rendenbach, Trier. Best soles you can buy

Made in Germany.
'Alte Eichenloh Grubengerbung'-there are only 3 people on this planet who are still allowed to use that claim.

Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Iwc portugieser

Not my brand iwc and I'll neva own one but I have to confess its quite beautiful and masculine.

In my opinion this is how the shoe-area must look like

Large cuffs (7 cm), dark green, simple long socks in a finer cloth and a well-worn oxford. Thats perfection to me. Not to say that I am, but this part only is very close to what I am very satisfied with.

+Winterlandscape in my beloved country.

Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Freitag, 1. Februar 2013


some scarfs in my city appartment