Montag, 20. August 2012

THE loafer

go or no to a suit?
I dunno if the gucci red-green loafer (or belt) fits to any business/banker suit at any time... i would not go for it to be honest, but Shia, i think he rocked it in Wallstreet II. in real life though his banker colleagues wouldve mobbed him out of the office directly!
what do you guys think?


  1. I would wear this shoe because it is a classic, and because it would piss off my colleagues who are already annoyed by my watches, good looks, suits, and motor car.

  2. Youre right. This would not increase the damage;) but how about the belt though? what do you wear?
    hermes might be a little less colourful and better to a suit I think...nonetheless this belt would probably kick ass too!

  3. I have these shoes. I wear them with jeans on weekends. Some of the sharper guys at the IB wear them to the office with suits. Looks fine on them. Reggie

  4. I'd love to have them too. Could you do a post about them Reggie? Id like to know what theyre really like and how durable they are. Thanks:)