Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012


I bought a dream come true today.
The black/white tie has a pattern thats called 'Hahnentritt' in Germany and is quite nesr to what Chanel originally used to sell. The tie is to be found on GiantBeards Blog (who I read alot) and on the current Mr. Porter in the Video section (link down below). Its absoluetely georgeous as everythinh from Drakes. This cashmere tie fits casual and highest business meetings, as its style is so timeless and as weird as it sounds, its rough and elegant at the same time.
Its been the last piece too and the women in the store did yawn as they saw someone buy the tie, cause they loved it so much. Totally oberwhelming what one tie can achieve in being a timeless it-piece in the dandy scene at this time!

Moreover I got myself this Lambswool/Agora Scarf from Drakes too. To be honest, its quite heavy Drakes cost as much as Hermes, but theyre so much worth it.

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