Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

How nouveau riche can it get?

Taken from the richkidsofinstagram tumblr, which is super-entertaining!
The watch itself is, as long as its not a fake, quite good, but hey, pateks reputation effs me up. It used to be a label with history and now its just a hublot, a status symbol, for the ones who believe to be political or business leaders-the also nouveau riche, but those who (mostly) actually worked or used their intellect for it and want to show off badly since they dont quite know any better ( e.g. Putin, Zu Guttenberg, and unfortunately my favorite Patek-owner: Josef Ackermann).

I'll just stay with a Rolex, a watch you can effing use to get a nail into your wall if a hammer is missing. A watch you can dive with, do sports with, fight with, who is equally acknowledged by drug dealers, business people, royalty, and just watchenthusiasts. A male watch and a brand with honest history. And a watch that doesnt need adverts(like IWC) to just seem male.
A piece without any cheap ETA-interior like Breitling (where you only obviously pay for the name) but self-made, durable, patentet technology.
Ok, alot of folks nowadays wear a Submariner which sometimes bothers me, but I do not proclaim or want to prove that I am better than the rest by just spending more oof for a Patek.
Because that is just stupid.
Alot of money invested in a watch is just a effing penis- or tit-enlarger. Pay an amount that is justified for the thing, a timepiece, not something worth a flat.
So eff this, get a real watch, a classic, a tough one and if its not a rolly, get a military watch thatll survive us all or even better just get the watch your dad, his dad and so forth wore, when time is ready.
Because after all thats what matters really.
Values. Time.

Still, to each his own.

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