Dienstag, 25. Dezember 2012

Loden again

Putthison did a double feature on Lodencoats (see first topic on their page right now).
They wrote it was the feature most commented on.
Wtf is going on?
I was posting about Loden prbly getting back in style in the next 5-10 yrs. But this early?
I bet the sartorialist'll post sth. in the next week with some hipster wearing nikes to loden (urgh).
I am a little startled to be honest since Loden for me was always very personaö and linked to my people here in the german Country amongst Landlords and Horsebreeders.
So of course It'll f€$£ me up if Loden would be worn by any Kind.
But I believe not all do have the balls to wear a 6kg heavy dark green rough and looong Lodencoat.
At least this is what I hope and expect.
My coat was shortened almost 15 centimeters (see picture) so o could wear it at night and to the Bank without getting arrested for looking like a rapist or murderer.

I love this coat. Try one dear fellows and chaps, you'll like it and since you read my stuff you'll be the right kind to wear it.

Also in the picture: Bally Loafers (12 degrees in Germania) and cashmere Christmas socks.

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