Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

Old languages, inspired by Jeeves&Wooster

Biff at s.o.
I say
What ho
and so many more.
Trying to integrate those words into my english.
Quite hard actually, but after hours of watching the series it starts to work.
Its hard to realize that 90% of todays languages, including all the old languages like the one of the eskimos, are a species thats about to be extinct. In the next 10 yrs. we will, after the opinion of several well-known scientists, have only 10% of todays languages left.
They did compare it to the extinction of mankind.
To countervail this loss I try to keep some parts of old languages alive.
There is "Plattdeutsch" in german, which is the language of my ansestors.
The language is built to develop a fun conversation and it sounds like it alot.
Keep your very own tradition alive, even if its hard work. Its absolutely worth it.
Just imagine you and youre closest chaps speaking a language when youre old, none of the younger generation can understand. What delight!


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