Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011

Santa loves me

I looove Pocketsquares sooo much!
Thus one was given to me by Santa (Thanks Mommey) and I really love it. Its huge, has a beautiful fabric and color! Cannot wait to wear it to a Jacket!
Unfortunately I can't wear it to work:-(

Hope you are all having a good and cosy Adventszeit.

Ps: This pidgeon flew against a window today which gave me the opportunity to come reeeeal close to feed it with my lunch-snack. Hope she(obviously a she, look at the beautiful female eyes..;-) ) is alright now.


  1. Really, really beautiful ps! Why can't you wear it to work? Dress code?

  2. Thanks LSS! Correct, they'd look at me like "whats that in his pocket?".
    Its just wearing simple stuff. Lots of people dont care and just hate it when someone does care for their styling and enjoys playing with different elements.:(