Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011


When I travel by train, bus or car I use one of these 15 yrs old Aigner trunks.
When by plain its of course a trunk with wheels mostly.
The first one is called 'Arzttasche' (doctors bag) and you wont see those anymore on the streets. Nobody walks around with those.
Since Hangover II, I also liked the Louis Vuitton Weekender with the Bandoulliere! But LV is so placative!
But this Monogramm-/ stripes-service really lures me!!

Nonetheless a classic german brand like Aigner is where I feel at home.

The only thing I'd really like to have is a Swaine&Adeney Advocates bag! But 2-3.000,- £ is too much.

Sorry for posting so little during the last days but Christmas is absolutely my favorite quality-family-time:-)


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  1. Hangover II?! Nice. :-D

    I have an old Antler bag that I've used for about 15 years. It's been all over Britain, Europe, Southern Africa, and the US since then, and still going strong. But, it's not as handsome as your Aigner leather trunk.