Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

Es muss nicht immer Kaviar sein

'It doesnt always have to be Caviar'
A series that has been very popular during the 60's-70's in Germany.
The origin is in the books, written by Mario
They're about a Banker from Germany who is being used as a agent/spy for several countries secret services in different missions.
He always operates with the habits and manners of his kind, loves beautiful women (of whom you see a lot naked in the tv series) and cooking.
Another important part of his person is his golden pocket watch (Omega) and his Gentlemans attire.
The series is to be found in Youtube in
perfect quality in german.
Its a great piece!!
Not only the stories are good and thrilling, the style the series is made is great!
A mixture of cooking-lessons (always in the last 4 min. of the series), love-affairs, 007-action and how to behave/dress in german upper-class during the 40's.
Really good stuff!

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