Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

Help, please

I need you guys.
2 important decisions concerning which stuff to buy. Casual stuff only. Please comment and let me know what you think.

I decided to buy new jeans. Got way too many chinos and I do need a serious Jeans without any holes. A blue jeans. Just like a 501 from Levis you can buy in the states. But I am not and theLevis store only features badly cut jeans. That means: tight in the crutch, wide at the ankle.
So, whats your adresses for a nice simple, preferably more fitted jeans?
Armani? Too obvious. H&M? Am grown-up. Joker? Too less character...
You see-I need you!

Boat shoes
I love my old (and I cannot stress the importance of the word old enough) Timberlands (the blue one; now a color similar to mud) but they need a serious brother in their league.
I was just thinking of buying the exact same model again, but then I wondered about maybe to take the brown one, until a friend told me to check out Sperry's Top-Sider. I dunno anything about Sperry. I just know that my old Timbs, all of them, last at least a couple of years now and remain in a perfect condition.
So, what are your experiences/ recommendations/ amenities??

Thanks in advance:-)


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  2. Jeans ~ I've been wearing Levi's (501s) and Lucky Brand for years. I generally have to go up a size.

    Boat Shoes ~ I like Sperry and Vans. I just got rid of an old salt-ravaged pair of Sperry boat shoes, and just bought a pair of Sperry blue canvas deck shoes. In Southern California, Vans is very popular. I have a pair of dark blue Vans canvas deck shoes.