Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Thilo Sarrazin

The only thing I will write about him is that if Axel Weber or others wouldve published his book it would be the 'Euro-Problem'-Bible.

Its based on simple, clear and hard facts concerning immigration and the problems that the currency-Euro and the EU suffers from due to the rules broken by german rulers (Maastricht et al).
The books called 'Deutschland schafft sich ab' makes him rich. Why? Because everybody talks about it, as its such an head-turner. He speaks of things others wouldnt have the balls to do so. But his intentions were not mean ones, he simply is a man of the fact a lover of statistics and rules.
He himself said that the people who hate him are stupid. Why? If you want to reach nobody talks about him and that his words are dead and unheared you just never talk about him, but today people who hate him write 11 pages about him in one of Germany's most popular Magazines: der Spiegel.
He is the secret winner of the past and the present year. Nobody wants to recognize it but thats the truth and slowly people start to realize it.
He remains sitting there praying his facts without any emotion and keeps smiling about how he a) is the only one who is right and has the balls to say so b) kicked germanys ass as a wake up call which made him a superstar and a celebrity c) can be sure that in a couple years time everybody will have recognized that listening to mr. Sarrazin wouldnt have been so wrong...

One last thought of his:
"The turks are conquering Germany as the Kosovars conquered Kosovo: through a higher birth-rate."



  1. He's usually well dressed too, Thilo Sarrazin.

  2. You think? I think he dressses quite cheap actually, but I've never googled him with an eye for the suits to be honest. I will do so now;)