Montag, 26. März 2012

Bmw 1987

A pal of mine drives the red one, just like the one on the picture. I like it, but I looove the black one with light-brown leather seats!
How bout you?
Investing good money every second year to have the newest cars or have you already invested in an old baby and loving it?
I mean its true: you have less technique in the older models, ergo less problems. Theyre more stylish, timeless cars... Why follow each trend the car-industry wants you too?
Oh F, now I start sounding so left-wing, but still I'll sell my soul for a Range Rover Evoque or the latest Lambo! Im so contrast-rich it stsrts to annoy me. ;)


  1. 4 seater convertibles are the way to go. As for old vs. new, it really is personal. I have a '95 E320 cabriolet which I'll keep forever but have a new vehicle arriving in April.

  2. I'm still invested in an old baby, a 12 y.o. black MB E320, which my young baby and I enjoy immensely. ;-)