Donnerstag, 8. März 2012

Pink paisley braces

I didnt yet have the occasion to wear the braces yet, but I think theyd be awesome to a smoking, hidden under jacket and/or vest!

Tie by Roberto Cavalli. Beautiful blueish flowers.


  1. Beautiful tie. Do you wear the braces to work? I haven't seen braces like that at the office for 15 years. Very '80s. Which is a good thing, in my book.

  2. Very nice tie. I've noticed before that brands, especially those from Italy, that one normally wouldn't care for (as they are way to modern and crazy) does make very classic and conservative ties. I wonder why?

  3. Thank you!! I love it too.
    No in fact I dont. Too small the cities here. London or NY would be possible. But here, people would react only negative, would think its a joke. Its a pity since a trouser cannot look better on a well shaped arse;-)
    I have never seen braces in my or other offices...yet.
    They are very 80's and the pink is so bright that I am sad about the poor quality of my Ipads camera.
    Are you wearing braces to the office?

    Lss: Yeah, its mostly 1. the old stuff and 2. only one or two ties in a season that are classic, unless classic is "In".
    They know they cant escape from their classic roots. All the big ones have those roots, but neglect them because everybody buys new stuff each season, so classic gets boring for the fashion guys... Is that it??!