Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Cartier watches I like

The golf strap at the vintage Cartier is so sexy!!

The "tank" model is called a tank since it looks like a tank from above. I dont tell the whole story now, you have to google it, but its quite great.

The classic, just how you see it there, with the black leather strap, is perfect in my eyes. I like the classic Santos-model too, but this one's a little more classy.


  1. I like these Panzer watches. But they seem rather dainty, like a watch an old man would wear.

  2. Oh I have the first one in brown, I will wear it forever.

  3. Youre right LBF, but maybe this is why I like them so mucho! And Thabitha: I know, seen it. How can I lure it from your wrist? Trade?;-)

  4. Cartier has always attracted me, fine looking watches.

    By the way, I've started to watch the show that you recommended, Von und zu lecker. It's great when learning German ;)

  5. I do love them but switched mine for a Sub many years ago - As LBF says, far too dainty for my wrist.

  6. Haha, LSS, good for you! Write me Emails in german, so you can excercise! :)
    EG: so that's 3 subs on three blogger wrists, welcome to the group!
    I prefer the sub too, but although the Cartier Tank is kinda dainty I love it! And I wanna get it too!
    Why are you in Germany? Business? Might wanna try the Chelsea Farmers Club! Just google it. Bon voyage.