Freitag, 16. März 2012

Grey checked suit

I am just a bit away from buying a three-piece wool/cashmere suit that looks just like this concerning fabrics (but with the check being light grey, not blue).
And I really need new suits because I disposed of all my blue suits since some of them were really dead or had a dark blue which is more black than anything else. And I hate black suits, its so boring and sad. Even on smokings Id prefer a superdark blue. So nowadays every suit that reminds me of black is my personal fashion-hell.
I need blue suits again (speaking of pale blue), but like a blue blazer is blue. A blue you see not a blue the company you buy it from claims it to be. Cause, honestly, most dark blues seem black to me.
Now the question: What do you think about black suits?!


  1. I'm rather hostile towards black suits. I prefer suits in charcoal, light grey, and navy (chalk stripes and pinstripes).

  2. BTW, I have a Corneliani suit in mid-grey with sky-blue windowpane pattern, not totally unlike the suit in the photo. I'll write about it soon.

  3. Black suits tend to look very cheap if not really well made. I can only remember seeing one black suit I've liked. It was an old man who wore it at a funeral. But his suit wasn't made yesterday, I can tell you that. More likely 20-40 years ago.