Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Brown suit?

This is my only dark-brown suit. I like brown as a color, but as a plain business suit I'm not sure. I bought this suit because my girlfriend AND my
mother liked the color and the italian cut mucho... Only wore it like 5 times to work now.
Dont get me
wrong, I love brown, but I prefer combinating it to other colors or fabrics like cords and flanells! A brown tweed suit with patterns would be my piece of choice, but this one, I just wear it just because of my bad conscience concerning the price-it cant be hanging in the closet for all times.

As always I wear blue striped shirts with cufflinks (in brown today) and one of my beloved paisley ties by Schnitzler.

Cheers peers


  1. Looks great, I would gladly wear that myself.

  2. "combinating" LOL, sometimes the german in me just doesnt proof-read!:)