Freitag, 30. September 2011

The perfect tie knot

This is what I think of, when I say the tie knot is near perfection and this rare thing happened this morning!
(See red H-tie.)

Why I love Hermes ties?
From far away it seems to be a single colored tie-you approach and you see its structured and in red and blue with one color being more dominant than the other. and from very close you see the little motifs, like horses, apes or whattheheck!
i love wearing clean suits woth ironic neckties. makes business more fun and less serious.



  1. I have only one tie with this kind of motif. A blue one with butterflies, that I bought in Milan a few years ago. Do you have many Hermés ties?

  2. No, just a bunch of em. But that's pretty much about it!
    I'd love to see your tie! I bet it looks great to a White shirt and a Blue suit with socks matching the colors of the butterflies!
    I got hundred (or more) ties and will definetly post all of them, one tie a day!
    Motifs on ties are even more to come, especially with horses-because I adore these animals!:)
    And sorry for not writing Hermes with the accent. Am just too lazy;-)
    Have a good night!

  3. I look forward to see your collection! My own is quite small, about 20 ties. Yes, the butterfly tie looks great (and very "Italian business man") with a white shirt and a blue suit.

    All the best!