Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Can one BE more wasp?

Okay, one can. But the white cricket sweater really wasps it off!
And the blue blazer of course...
The rest is just, well,... too much!!!


  1. The puffy pocket-square and shoes (both of which are nice on their own) make it more Ralph Lauren Ad than any real Wasp that I've seen. Less prep than dandy. The roped shoulders are a nice touch,too.

  2. Youre absolutely right-I just threw on some stuff, half drunk, before going out of the house and thought it looked funny. The wasp style is just blazer and pullover-unabeshadly preps fred would so have made a picture of me (of which I actually am anything but proud).
    The shoulders are kinda roped because my tailor made the armholes wider years afterwards, due to extreme muscle-increasal;-)
    Thank you.

  3. There's a lot going on, but I like it. Love the red trousers. Well done.