Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

LSS look what I bought!

Maybe somethings you recently purchased remember you of this item;-)
We can actually complete one anothers outfit now... Crazy!
Nonetheless I bought these two in an italian store where I bought all my cloths back in the days. Have not been there for 3 yrs and this because of a reason. Except of those two babies everything was sparkeling, tight and overdetailized.

Moreover I really only bought this (which is my 20th?!) paisly necktie because of the blogger Mostexerent, who wore such a piece a few month ago. I found it beautiful. I hope he allows me to post his pictures here to realzie a comparison.

Hope y'all had/still have a good weekend.

PS: I'll now go iceskating around a medieval Burg!!! :-) How cool is this?


  1. Excellent stuff! But that is to be expected from you ;)

  2. Thank you. Your influence concerning my wallet is quite real btw, so I mostly bought the PS because I really found it funny that you got a very similar tie a few days ago...;-) shocking... where will this end?!?

  3. It will probably end with us all sitting together, drinking beer in some remote village in Germany. Dressed in flattering tweed and silk and being utterly poor. Telling lies about women and complaing about third world-immigrants, politicians, why Church's was sold to Prada and other disturbing things ;)