Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Feels vintage, this look

The tie is old but not vintage (Longchamp), the tie-clip is 'only' 30yrs old (inherited and not quite beautiful btw?!)... Where am I getting?
I feel like a 50's riding coach with this stuff. But still, hope you like it... I had fun wearing it.;-)

Ps: I used this fine ascot scarf as a PS at some place. It really works with deep pockets and looks super 'fluffy'!


  1. Excellent. The ribbon belt and suede tassel loafers add nice touches.

  2. Thanks guys. Those are quite my favorite shoes!! The belt is perfectly adjustable to unappreciated stomach-increasals since its stretchy (bought at Huntsman, seen at 3 other places in exactly the same quality and colors for less though).
    But!: the jacket is not anymore one of those I actually wear.. We can trade stuff sometime if you like;-) Its size 50. Watchu offer??;-)