Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Rolex? Omega! Beautiful

Did try to post this earlier, but couldnt since I tried it via Ipad. So here we go again via the Laptop.
Hope you like it. I do. Why? If you read my blog you know.


  1. This scene is absurd. :-)

    I like both, although I don't own an Omega Seamaster yet (I'd like to).

  2. Me neither and I certainly do not want to own one.
    I dont think they look good actually.
    I just own a inherited Omega, otherwise I wouldnt have gone for the brand.
    But I really do want a Submariner with the red letters.
    You know those?

  3. I have not seen the one with red letters. I recently passed up an opportunity to acquire one of the 50th anniversary Rolex Subs, with the green bezel. I'm kicking myself now...