Samstag, 25. Februar 2012


I used to wear alot of Hugo Boss.
Suits, casual wear and more. Unless its a german brand theyve gone too italian for me!
These boots are 4-5 yrs old and are very different-I havnt seen anything close to this design since I bought them.
They are from the Boss series Handcrafted (100% high quality, made just by hand) which only made very high quality shoes and clothes. The shoes were very 1930s and they also featured Wing tips in white/dark brown.
These are made so well and have so nice details Id call them perfect when you only talk about getting shoes that fulfill everything a shoe-collector searches for. Id go so far to say they come close to Edward Green and some Crockett&Jones.
They even feature an integrated metal cap at the toe, which gives it a nice sound in each step.

The style is a different matter: Its not one of the very classic designs that most old well-known shoemakers offer. The Gürteltier-look oftentimes raised eyebrows... Nonetheless its really thought through: When walking each shoe folds in each step and after years of wear creates holes in the bending-area.
Those 'Handcrafted' are perfectly constructed to not let the leather suffer.
Imagine when you walk: The shoe bends in the 'waves' and since the leather is really thick in those 'waves' it will last forever and furthermore its a very natural movement for this shoe, so you dont feel any resistance of the leather or pressure against your feet.

What do you think about this baby?

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  1. Interesting story, and shoes. Although they will take some time to get used to ;)