Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012


I have been searching for red curderoy trousers for a long time now, but never found a perfect color or fabric. So this time I found one, of course by Polo.
Its odd how I search for stuff for years and in the end always find myself buying Polo.
Up to today they never disappointed me concerning quality, fit and durability.
I'm the type of guy that needs to have sth. directly when it comes into my head, but at the same time I wont ever let myself be driven by this haste when it comes to sth. thats close to what I want, but lacks quality and durability.
This time again, Polo ended my search.

Polo wearers:
In Germany Polo appears mostly in the new money wardrobe, because of the placative motifs (mostly just the shirts) or on students of law and economics. Mostly young guys in student associations (Studentenverbindungen or Burschenschaften) wear the stuff.
Polo does stuff without the logo which is mostly more expensive. The lack-of-logo is what lures me and what they dont want. I never liked a placative, obvious look.


  1. Those red cords are awesome. Did you see the piece in the FT about 3 weeks ago regarding brightly-coloured trousers in London?

    I wore Polo polo shirts as a kid and teenager for many years, but stopped some time in my teens. My father travelled for the bank to Hong Kong and would bring me back cheap Polo knock-off polo shirts, which invariably lasted a season or two.

    Polo tailoring is different. Today I have a few Polo suits, light-weight and made in Italy, which I think are excellent and totally appropriate fot the Southern California climate.

    "Sth." = ? "Sch*iße"?

  2. I did and loved it!
    So good to let people know where a trend comes from, especially a trend we (=our small blog-community) love!
    And this in the FT...!

    I photographed what you described in your suits (see latest post); youre absolutely right, theyre awesome.

    sth.=something ;-)