Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Hennessy, matte green rubber case

I bought this to a flight to London and planned to enjoy it on my way back, but unless it was packed perfectly they insisted to pour it down the drain... So quikly before they pulled it away from me I downed half of it nearly vomiting infront of 100people. I could keep the supercool rest of it though. And btw I dont even enjoy Hennessy alot. ...but I did enjoy my flight bigtime;-)

Now I enjoy a GT (s. pict) with Gordon's and am, as LBF does from time to time, happily senseless and occasion-less dressed as I enjoy it instead of hanging in my joggers all the time.
And: These are vintage OP frames btw from the 70's. A shop in my city still has got a small and new bunch of em and sells them if asked for.

Furthermore, to make the evening perfect I read a friends book and listen to Ella Fitzgerald!

Hope you have a good one too!?


  1. I have seen those bottles! (albeit in orange, befitting that companies' brand-mix) Kudos for almost downing it! 'Sehr brav!' ;) Hope you had a pleasant evening there.

  2. Haha! I can picture the scene you describe. Sounds as if you had a good time. Enjoy.

  3. Yes orange was beautiful too, but I'm even more a dark green guy. Thanks for the Kudos. Haven't heard that in a while! Ist doch klar, dass ich die gute Plörre nicht stehen lassen kann!
    Thanks LBF, it was a good time. I should write stories;-)
    What was your story again with the two guys talking. The one guy shooting his daughters lover with his gun. You did have a vintage motif in that post too. Was it your story?