Samstag, 12. November 2011

Always have some lucky old coins in your pocket!

My grandfather did it and sometimes you could hear the coins clicking together when he walked. My uncle told
me it's been a sign for liquidity and for oneself it was a talisman for reaching/maintaining wealth.
Funny story. It's no shame to adapt this lucky charm-doenst hurt nobody.
You dont really have to believe it helps but it is worth an inner smile everytime you hear sth. climper in your pocket and know other wonder why.
Those Reichsmark 1936/9 were given to me from an old client who wore this:
Pheasant tie, and now: Double breasted, dark green, ticket pocket, white PS, with BUCKHORN buttons. I complimented him on this beautiful thing. More elegant huntsman dress isnt possible!


  1. That outfit sounds very tasteful in a down-to-earth way.

    I have this very small medallion of a saint in my wallet. The person who gave it to me told me that as long as I kept it, I'd never run out of cash. Until now it seems to work...