Dienstag, 22. November 2011

double breasted beauties

blue blood and huge beard/tie-knot as well:-)


  1. Nice picture with blazers as they should be worn! I think that the overly large knot fits the general style of Michael of Kent well although I myself don't like it for me. Also note the Household Division hat-band in the background.

  2. I wouldnt have noticed the hat-band at all, thanks!
    The knots not mine either, not at all, but I sympathize with people doing sth. of which I think is ugly/inappropriate if they continue doing so in a distinguished and self-assured way. It makes the style a style and him unique.
    ps: I personally am the Prince-Charles tie-knot type-of-guy. How bout you?

  3. I agree, I like Charles' knot-collar preferences, too. Kent-knot, and of course I also use/like the standard four-in-hand...