Sonntag, 13. November 2011


I felt really empty and bored today, so I got up and walked deep in the woods just to feel as if I was 500years beyond now, living how my ancestors lived, feeling primitive feelings between the dark, old and well, scary trees.
I felt alive again. Especially when those bastard-pheasans popped out of nothing 2meters next to me-hella loud-and 2seconds later disappeared in thr foggy woods. I discovered a beautiful old farm in the middle of nowhere and a huge tree with hearts and the date 2000 on it.
My compagnion and, in case, weapon (dont laugh!) was a huge stick I found somewhere and sharpened with my inherited knife. There are families of pigs living in those woods, and those 'can' be deadly meetings when you meet a pig-momma and her kiddies.
Recommendable for each one of you chaps. Dark, cold winterevenings in the woods make you feel very alive again!
I am planning on doing this on a regular basis now.

Good evening for you chaps.


  1. I make almost all my important decisions walking.
    Walking and nature helps your clear your mind and get rid of all illusions. Nice photos btw ;)

  2. That looks absolutely beautiful. Sometimes I take a v. early morning walk through the hills, or along the beach, when the marine mist covers the landscape. Very calming.