Freitag, 18. November 2011

Concert night

After having read interesting stuff bout heraldic and signets I will put a cigar next to my pocketsquare and will listen to a Concert of Prof. G. Weichert (east-prussian chap) playing Liszt and Debussy (its Liszt's birthday today).
Good evening peers:-)


  1. I also have this big book about the heraldic arts that I always wanted to take a look at but never found the time to do so. One really ought to know more about those things...(enjoy the cigar!)

  2. I certainly did, thanks. It really is interesting, even more so if you got your own signet (or at least, in my case, my grand-grandfather from which we inherited it) so you can interpret your own history!! Gutes Wochenend Dir!