Freitag, 25. November 2011

Max Raabe

Max Raabe and Palast Orchester!
Beautiful, but to be honest I could've fallen asleep during the slooow and silent songs since my day has rather been hasty.

The music is good but I definetely prefer Henry de Winter's music.
What excited me the most was how stiff and elegant M. Raabe stood all evening long. As if he had a hockey stick in his back under his Dinner Jacket and later his Cut (correct for Frack?!).
I was schooled to sit at the table the same way-through a stick in my back.
Old school drill tricks for people who care about such stuff, as my family did and partly still does.

I always admired how, and I cannot think of another word, cool M. Raabe looked in his Suits. I always had to think of James Bond the way he leaned at the piano.
For a man, there simply is no way to look better as in these two suits!!!!
So get one and wear it at home if you dont always find you an occasion.
One has to follow and keep following ones habits that one did learn in his childhood and those one can observe in ones grand-parents. (did I say 'one'). Keep up the old stuff or you'll get rid of your habits that show where you come from and where you learned thrm from. In german theres a saying: "Ein jeder gibt den Wert sich selbst." Everyone defines their one value. (my mother always quotes it).
And your value increases when you dont forget your family and the mentality that shows from their actions. Its an act of appraisal. No one's dead if his/her actions and values still live on in their ancestors.

Back to M. Raabe:
My friend noticed first how perfect his cuffs always showed out of his jacket the same length. Never moving, he sang his well-known tunes and between each song he named the writer and year plus maximum another sentence for a 'joke'. Low entertainment factor. High coolness due to Dinner Jacket.
His trousers btw were pretty wide but short at the same time. Just how I like it:-)

Have a good weekend

Ps: Der 1. Advent ist bereits Sonntag!


  1. Excellent. I tend to sit in my seat the same way, as if it's a personal challenge, partly to keep myself from falling to asleep due to the boredom around me.

    Max Raabe will be in Los Angeles in February 2012. I would like to attend. I'm not a fan of the Weimar era or its songs, many of which were written by You Know Who, but more interested in the pleasing spectacle of Herr Raabe himself.

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly! And so did my grandmother by the way (Gott hab' sie seelig!). More than 10 years ago I went with her to one of Max Raabe's concerts in the Konzerthaus here in Vienna. Her comment was: 'he looks very well put together but he can't sing as well as the performers at the time' (by which she meant the 20s/30s [she was born in 1916, still at the time of the Monarchy- exactly 14 days before the old Emperor passed away] ).

    de Winter is maybe more authentic but Raabe also has many good qualities- he for example very well epitomizes the stiff German stoicism and correctness that has undeservedly gone out of fashion after the war due to American imperialism. Being Austrian I of course could learn a lot from it too...

  3. @LBF What you first mentioned is also how I think and act. We'll have to maintain. A friend of mine thinks and acts the same so from time to time we sit together just talking and sipping a beer but dressed as if were gone to the opera. In todays times people look at you funny if you dress well and correct to each occasion, back in the days you were looked at respectlessly if you were not dressed to the occasion and also everybody was dressed slightly identical and there was more of a togetherness in the class system. Miss it.

    @VB Great story. I bet you miss her. I think its great yu went there with her. I wouldve done the same but I was just to young when my grandparents passed away. The stories and values live on in us which we can be proud of. I am impressed though she really said he was so authentic. In our age one has to guess how close he got, bht now we know for sure:)
    The german attributes you named are getting rare. The both adjectives are so well chosen. Especially stoicism, I would have had to google it how you write "stoisch" in english;)