Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Pinstripe and new ties

I never did show you my pinstripe suit with combos, so now that I tried on my new ties for the next week you will also be able to take a look at this chalk-striped 2 piece suit.
I really love chalk-stripes, but only if its flanell and not too obvious with the stripes...

Those RL ties are very bright.
I discovered today that my other ties are rather discreet. If you see the RL ones directly beside them they just seem to shine very brightly.

That's the most purple I ever wore and prbly will ever wear.
There are just colors one doesnt like, do you agree?

My new bespoke shirt (see fridays post) has initials stitched in the exact pink/rose tone.
Thats a killer combo, but not to work, that'd be too much.

Almost the exact same outfit as the first combo above.
Patrick just knows how to kick it.
"I got a 8:30 res at D'Orcia!"
Epic! The movie is just funny!
If you'd only seen the glasses I was wearing...;)

This is the tie I'm wearing above in a RL Ad I found in some Magazine, just as the one below.
I really like the tie needle!
The lawyer of D.S. Khan in NY did wear such a tie needle. 
I was impressed, never thought serious people'd wear those.


  1. Nice! Die erste Krawatte à la Bateman finde ich zu diesem Anzug am besten passend...

  2. Merci tout-le-monde!
    Dto.-Bateman ist mein Favorit!
    Man nehme: Einmal gestreift, einmal gepunktet und einmal etwas solides; voilá c'est LA combination;)