Dienstag, 15. November 2011

Taken from...

"Handelsblatt 'Karriere' ".

Green Blazer with gold-buttons. Purple tie. Red Slippers (w. Pennies). Burgundy cords.
The single items themselves are great. Especially the blazer.
But the way he is standing and the effort you see in the outfit are the things that I cannot stand. I don't believe its his vintage bag. He prbly ebayed it for 20 bucks.
I dont believe its 'him'-the outfit. He prbly just cares on wearing whats 'in' atm.
Nonetheless I'd turn my head for this combo.
Great items.

Ps: The question of the article is: how to dress for a job interview. Below answers of 'professionals' (cough cough). :-)

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