Samstag, 7. Januar 2012

The big LV Weekender

Funny that I started liking LV because of three reasons.
First, from the day I was born upto today, I hated the brand.
It was just the way the leather felt, how obvious the stuff was stamped with logos and how f-ing cool people in my young age felt because they wore a belt of LV. They used to put theoir shirts in their pants only at the front so everybody could read the logo.
It made me sick. It's been soo new money and theres only little I unlike so much as people showing off their very new, shiny, responseless new money and rubbing it carelessly onto everybodies faces.
Ok, enough of that. To each his own, but please do not ever show off your money, or more likely the money your parents, grand-parents and so on earned.

Bag to the back.
Back to the bag I mean. :)

Reasons why I started liking it:
1. The possibility of coloring it with your favorite and/or family colors and/or a Monogramm.
I'd go for white and red! (Fam. Colors of coz) ;)

2. Architectural Magazines publishing pictures of the vintage trunks as tables with old stickers on em. Just beautiful.

3. Because of the movie Hangover in which Zack Blablakovinikus (cannot remember exact name, but am
sure I'm close;) ) pronounced the brands name absolutely funny and ironic. least in the german version...

What's your opinion peers?


  1. I received a LV pen as a gift a few years back. That's my extent of experience with the brand. I wouldn't personally purchase one of their bags.

  2. I don't mind one way or another. I've been around LV luggage since early years. If you date a certain type of woman, as I do, you learn to get used to their brand-obsessions.

    "Blablakovinikus"?! This made me LOL. I thought his name was "Carrickfergus" or "Popoudopolous" or something like that. You are a fan of the Hangover films? I am too. Effing hilarious. :-D

  3. @WH: With the logo-print? Would be interesting to see it someday. Hintedyhinthint...;-)

    @LBF: I know, I probably am a little extreme in my LV-dislike, despite too my family wearing some stuff and of course despite my choice of women who are wearing that stuff too.

    I love the films! He is THE best actor and his beard is sooooo sexyyyy! ;)
    F the exact spelling, the only thing you need to know is that the name sounds greek-just make sth up each time and youll get an inside LOL..

    Ps: Did you see my food-post?!