Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Von und zu lecker

My favorite TV series is called "Von und zu lecker". It refers to an aristocrats title like there are 'Gräfin Katherina von und zu Plettenberg' e.g..
I love local german-aritocrats and news/input concerning this topic, so this series is a cooking show mixed with MTV cribs (or castles) and a little style and historic elements. In short: un rêve pour moi.
In a recent show I found some nice things i will now show you.
First a perfect female ring-combo with the typical german and my favorite type of a signet ring: Green bloodstone (Blutjaspis) with litte red dots in it and yellow gold with an engraved crest.
Secondly a families patriarch with a, again typical german, dresscode.
Tracht is a type of fashion only germans can wear and I am very proud of this particular thing we dont copy from the savile row or Italy.

Ps: Cannot begin to post about their homes, am too enthusiastic and wouldnt have no freetime anymore. I love old buildings.


  1. I will certainly look into this, too. maybe this is a bit embarrassing but I also like such programms about nobility and their homes (even if owned by non-nobles nowadays), also about antiques like Kunst&Krempel, Antiques Roadshow or the recent Austrian one (was schätzen Sie?) hosted by Karl von Hohenlohe at the Dorotheum..

  2. LBF. Whats crubs?
    You must look into this pals, some of them live close to my home.
    Its nice to hear you like the same as I do VB. I will check out Was schätzen Sie?