Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

I'm so getting thay

I always admired the Ad's in my favorite magazine 'Architectural Digest' (AD) of the wooden floors with this compass on them. Absolutely classy!
So I went out to see them, turns out its no wood, its artificial.
I went 'Uuhm, I do ONLY allow wood in my place', but as I touched it, walked on it and was told the piece I'm walking on was over 15yrs old I was surprised: it was as shiny and authentic as hell.
Then the killer-phrase: 'For some extra-cash you can have your company-logo instead of the compass.'
She showed me an image of a famous local hotel with their logo: an owl.
You know me you know I love those (right LSS?).
Its been beauuutiful.
Ah, forgot the killer-killer!!!
You can even, wait for it, get you family-crest in wood in super huge with a few decent colors!
I mean how cold is that!?:)
F#+£ sugnet rings n stuff I'm getting a signet-floor.
I really am hot for it, so in my next home next year(or maybe this) its in:-)