Samstag, 7. Januar 2012


Thats the name of my new favorite actor. Fist name Zack.
Starring in Hangover II and content of discussion in the Post before.
I wont be able to keep the name in mind, just impossible. Just note it sounds greek.:)

LBF, I found out that the bag is a fake and LV has a lawsuit going on against the movie directors. That's funny:)

To the pictures:
Zack is such a prep!
Seeing him in his tennis dress made me laugh so hard.
Than his look at the airport; classy safari-luxury style with the LV-Luggage.
And the catch-phrase with the false pronouncing of the brand-name (at least in german) is also super-hilarious.

Please keep on making movies and never stop being such a cool role-model:-)

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