Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Herbert Johnson Hatters

This is my 2nd H. J. hat/cap which I bought from Cove&Co in Dortmund.
If you knew me you'd know that I wouldnt pay the price on the lable without bargaining with the shop-owner.
Thats my game.
Its fun and I repeat bargaining nearly each and everytime, even for friends.
My grand-father and my mother passed that passion/hobby on to me since they traded with horses.
Its in my blood-but not for the money I save (only 2ndly of coz) but for the challenge and my ego:-)

79,-€ demanded
70,- paid

In shoe-shops its easy.
No leather os perfect-there's 10-20€ at least in each shoe for the details O want to find.
Its not that much money each single time, but with the quantities I buy all the time it's growing to the worth of
a brand new pair of Alden's e.g.

Call me a freak but I have so much fun doing that. My friends always are embarassed and ashamed. I don't have this attribute in my bloodline.

Have a good evening peers.

PS: I will soon post pictures with my camera through my laptop again but for now my Ipad and its shitty pictures need to satisfy you for now.


  1. That's a great looking cap!

    Yes, one should really bargain more.

  2. Vous pouvez toujours négocier... Le prix dépend souvent du contexte. J'ai eu les miennes pour 20 euros pièce (3 casquettes de cette marque).
    Négocier vous pour le plaisir de discuter ou pour le plaisir d'arriver à un deal intelligent?

  3. Toujours, c'est vrai.
    I do it because I have to, its in my blood.
    But furthermore:
    I only pay for an item the exact price I want to pay and I think it is worth (plus an extra excitement-rate for things I neeeed to have noow;-) ).
    Plus the connection between the shop-owner and you is a very original one since it feelsso honest when both parties talk and argue about the attributes of the product. Its been done like this since ages. I wont let the industry tell me what I have to pay.
    And last but not least its training for the nrgotiating-skills and the ego which is important for my profession.