Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

fleur de lys

a little christian spirituality in my outfit.

Ps: I hate when my collar-peak (see right peak, from my pov) does that. Feels cheap, even though this is a bespoke shirt. Help?!


  1. I occasionally have the same issue, even with custom shirts. More starch...? Thicker cloth...? Very irritating.

  2. That's excellent and your symbolic reference made me laugh!

  3. This happens when the fabric shrinks and the stiff interior does not. Before you put it on bend the collar points the opposite way and roll them thus. This usually works.

  4. LBF. Its neither of those. I too have several custom shirts but it just wont work at some.
    Especially at all my white shirts from Polo Regent etc....
    VB. Dont laugh. This is a very serious blog and I myself am most serious too:-P
    PGB. But how does it shrink if its brand new. This shirt was made at Dolzer and I am so unhappy with it, I will go to the shop and tell them. Its too short, the collars too wide...
    And thx for the tipp. Tried it myself several times, but wont last unfortunately.

  5. G3 ~ Well if you do decide to experiment on your shirts, be a good chap and share the results with us.

  6. Perhaps Dolzer is too big, too commercial a shirt maker. You're quite right to take it back and show them the problem. But what you need is a small shirt maker. We have these in Italy, a tailor making no more than four or five shirts a week. If you want referrals I can send you them.

  7. I think youre right. That'd be a good idea. If you could send me referrals of shops in Germany it'd be just fantastic.
    Theres a tailor who does suits, like 2 a month. He is 70 yrs old and owns the building, so he kept the vintage ads in the windows and nobody really takes notice.
    Really authentic, I should, one day, shoot some pictures of his crib/workshop.
    Thanks PGB.
    I will now check out your profile.;-)

  8. I just came from my shirt maker here in Lucca, Franco Mantanelli. They do between 6 and 12 shirts a week, which they say is "true tailoring," "da vera sartoria". Perhaps you might come to Lucca some day, and if so I'll send you there.

  9. Hey, Ive just noticed that my respond didnt reach you.
    PGB thank you for the tip! Really, I am quite a fan of Italy as a vacational and traditional target.
    If I will do a trip through Italy again in the next few yrs I'll definetly let you know. Thank you in advance!
    Ps: Dolzer did see the problem and they ordered a free shirt for me which will reach me in 1-2 weeks. I'll let you know...
    But then again: This fail creates wasted 1. work 2. water and more resources for production 3. time and nerves. A small tailor wouldve done it right and youd support their local practise. I am seriously searching one.
    Gd night