Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

More of my obsession for old hunting pictures

Back in the days its been very different in social circles where I live.
My mother's generation and all the ones before were privileged and enjoyed a special social status. They were breeders and farmers (the word "Bauer" in GER, the word nowadays has a negative connotation as in ignorant, not open to the world, but back in the days it was seen as a 'successful businessman' is today) and they felt like Simba in King of the lions; "Everything you see is yours Simba."
People from the city were cheap and charly and envious of the status they enjoyed. The name is still very renowned in this area but less compared to back then and compared to all the new money and shinyness that raised.
Nontheless we still dont have to prove a thing to nobody. Thats really comfortable and gives a feeling of a certain consistence.
Im really proud of all the old funny stories et al.

Have a good one peers.

PS: Be sure I follow your blogs pals but am at home very little so commenting through the old Iphone is too complicated. I only use the app Blogger for the posts. Sunday I'll say sth to your posts;-)


  1. Beautiful. It's good, healthy, and normal to be proud of one's people.

  2. Thanks LBF. It really is.
    VB das freut mich sehr zu hören:)