Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

How do you want to live?

I do like this more than anything else.


  1. Perhaps when I'm older. I haven't decided yet. Latin/Med vs. Germanic's an old conflict! ;-)

  2. BTW I watched the film 'Margin Call' last night. Quite good. Have you seen it?

  3. Why not both?! Thats my personal goal.
    I dont like conflicts (only the ones between me and myself of course), just like buying shoes-just take 2 ;-)
    Yes I have seen it the moment it came out with a friend of mine whos also in the metier.
    We both loved it! Pretty authentic and interesting.
    ...but concerning clothing nearly nothing I admired. How bout you? Did you fInd sth.?

  4. Love this. I quite like the way I am living right now: Bohemian garconniere in the heart of an old elegant city crammed with old books and archaic antiques, but I would also like to either: live in an old down-trodden castle in the Waldviertel (my acquaintance owns such a castle and its upkeep is a real pain in the ass) or a hut on the mountainside in Szechuan province like a Taoist hermit...will have to think about my further moves.

  5. I can understand you very well!
    Thats exactly how I live in the city right now. And I wouldnt change a thing.
    The hermit story unfortunately never was an opportunity for me, I'm just too much Eastern-accustomed;-)
    But the small castle/Herrenhaus stuff on the countryside is where I wanna go!