Montag, 9. Januar 2012

When I had to choose

...between my beloved New&Lingwood socks and my Burlingtons, I'd probably go for the Burlington.
Its just more countryside, more playful, stronger.
The NL is stylish for the city but beside the fact that they dont slip, the sock-hold your breath coz I'm really saying this-lacks character.

Now tell me I'm not weird, a sock, character c'mooon!!

But still I think y'all feel me on this one!
Do ya!
Blooodclat Rastafarai!
Dats whot I'm talking bout!

Ps: Sorry about the super-shitty picture.
I have a new Iphone right here that I could use and three or more good cameras but I'm so cool with my buddy 3G that I wont give it away/replace it until its not working anymore.

BTW thats my way of thinking concerning lots of stuff: Use stuff as long as it lasts and stop buying/consuming so reasonless large quantities just because effing media wants you too.
Only the weak cannot restrain the pressure one their shoulders.
Do your thing.
If you wanna be tough and a hard mothereffer do it for yourself and do it in the little things-why in the world do you need the others to know/notice?
Are you vain? Do you train your muscles for the fight or the mirror.
Be strong biatch!;)

Thats also why I just write this blog for me and for you guys. I dont lable, I dont count, Its just some pictures and text. Love it or not.
Still, hope you like it;-)

Pps: Thats the best post about just socks I will ever write;)


  1. Excellent. Nice to see you rockin' the Tassels.

  2. "Everyday I'm tasseling!" ("Everyday I'm shuffeling!" -melody while saying this) . How about you?
    You tassel alot?