Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

About decreasing

One of my favorite bloggers 'La sombra sofosticada' ( ; check it out-he's absolutely inspiring!) wrote about decrease today.

Collecting cloth, art or just beloved pieces is a fun hobby, but to find out what you really need to feel maximum happy is sometimes a very long quest.
Why else would one see (and dislike) men in their forties dressed as 14-year-olds?
Me, I found my way.
To Be exact there are two ways: business and freetime!

A friend of mine, one of the three best ones, and me drove in his green, 365-drop-top, Jeep wrangler to have a beer somewhere in the country.
We looked, as always and even 10 years ago, exactly the same and did have a fun talk about it yesterday.
We already ordered almost everything from the frankonia, sœr, magee or whatsoever catalogues and threw lots of it away only a year later, despite of our girlfriends being proud of us not looking like bums anymore (we call the look "Penner" in germany which means Bum).
Remember, I'm talking about freetime now. Business is still the reason why my closet is exploding but still empty at the same time each morning, if you know what I mean.

So we drove through the woods listening to an old rock TAPE(!) while we looked 100% identical:

Timberland boat shoes (not cleaned, at least 5 yrs. old),
no socks,
old Levis Jeans (havent seen a washing machine a long time, with holes, length only up to the ancle),
old and way-to-long belt (with Edelweiß-flowers on them or colored with motifs),
checked, Karo-shirt, mostly an old ralph lauren,
our family or wedding rings,
a Classic and mostly rolex-watch (we collect those and never get enough),
mid-long hair,
clean shaved face,
well trimmed fingernails and a classic perfume, no deodorant
and when it's cold or dirty our beloved beaufort!
Thats it!

We will probably still look like this in 20years! ...but only in private, only in the weekends.

Its important to find something for yourself to feel free and like a man, not fashion-junkie.

I like the understated way in it!
Just imagine walking into a jewelery store like this. They will not be thinking we're profitable customers.
Its totally the best to be thought of this way-youre incognito to 99% of the people.
To each his own, but that's my Baby!;-)



  1. Thanks for the compliment, and a great post of your own! I completely agree with you, and living life the incognito way, that you describe, is exactly my way of life.

  2. Thank you!
    We should have a drink together some day! ;)
    All the best-have a good one.

  3. Sounds like a fine idea! As you may have read on my blog I plan to move to Germany in a few weeks. Can't wait!

  4. No way!! I missed that part! Wow, where to?
    What a coincidence:)

  5. Northern Germany, I will particularly look for an apartment in Rostock. Where in Germany do you live?

    I don't believe in coincidences, it's destiny :)

  6. Sorry for the late reply! Was busy...
    I live in NRW, Monasterio/Münster. 5hrs away from you. We shall meet in the middle;-) Bon voyage and see you soon.