Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

Todays been a good day

I wanted to get a LouisVuitton trunk but I may be prefering this Missoni-style baby. Louis is so obvious plus everybody wants to get one of these and the prices are skyrocketing. At Bentleys at Savile Row in London they got several of those and more good stuff but still not wort the money. Except when theyve got stickers from famous Hotels all over the world on them. But those are rare!

This is the Prince of Bayern (Leopold) who wears a Janker jacket by his own brand 'Poldi', made by the superhot and superold and superunderstated german old money brand Lodenfrey.
They produce super rough and heavy Lodenproducts. Loden and Janker is typically german tradition and only german. Im so proud/happy of being in the position of wearing this stuff like e.g. an englishman wearing red socks and boiler hats. I am doing a post about Lodenfrey and Janker some day.

The warm Apfelstrudel and the hot choclate helped cure my headache.

I am a huge fan of all kinds of silver and will hopefully one day buy the cow creamer in the arcades in London (or to be honest halfway steal it like Bertie Wooster). This Napoleon-box is beautiful but made no sense for me at this point.

Have a good weekend!

Ps:&LSS: Check out this beautiful icon!!!:)

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