Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Dont clean my shoes

Timberlands, at least mine, are the only shoes i dont want anyone to clean!
These babies have once been the blue-modell! Now try to get this color. It takes years of effort, rest assured;)

This watch is made for my Barbour Beaufort, I just love the combination of the green waxed color with the shining steel.
I will write aboit it some day to tell you what kind it is, but some of you will recognize it directly.
Since leather ellbows are trendy now, youre able to find those pullovers everywhere. This one is from COS and in cashmere. I would not advise anyone to buy these, rather expensive but poor quality! Still, I like the color.

@LSS & LBF: No worries, please keep on 'hijacking'; if there are opinions and comments that I am interested in, it is from you two!
Have a good sunday!

PS: Last pict.: How much mustard can one want? I love mustard mucho but this is too much;-)

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