Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011


Get yourself some original habits and some principles or just some very strong views of certain things that seem unimportant for the society but are of utterly big importance for you and only you.
Something that reminds you of your family's point of view decades ago or something you want to adapt from someone in order to show from inside out how you think about things.

Pat Bateman says about Timothy Price that he's the only person who is 'interesting'.
Regarding my youtube-post 'about people' you realize that I only want to spend my time with people who are interesting.
I also think that it is a great value to be interesting.
Habits, the more unique they are, make you more interesting.
Don't touch each thing in the room three times before you leave but introduce small things like a certain tie knot, wearing sunglasses ALWAYS whilst driving or riding, a certain knot for the shoes, certain colors you NEVER would wear, shops youd NEVER purchase in, cars youd NEVER drive etc., only drink certain kinds of champaign, ALWAYS have an aperativ/digestiv, clean your shoes on sundays, eat at certain hours, dislike political parties and or certain views of things.
All of those are things that I do.
And you have to stay consequent in pursuing them, thats super-important!
One has to have his principles.

Of course its important to have a history or a background-reason for those habits. If you just made them up because youre bored, than youre just a fool.

It is important though to not get ignorant and unopen to the new, but having habits and or principles is good for you if you really stand behind them.
You don't have to rethink each question or debate, since the directions are clearly set for you. And once set, the road on which you travel gets less foggy, less travelled on and again you'll be more interesting and gain more integrity for yourself and your personal views.

My thing of today is:
Never throw away good shoes/boots.

"Only Gentlemen wear shoes with holes in them!", quoted in Turnbull&Asser, London.


  1. Why in the world would you be on a horse? Can't stand the things...

  2. Once you're on them, it's actually very nice and there's 90% women near them.
    But once you like horses its hard to buy Cordovan shoes...