Montag, 17. Oktober 2011


I used to smoke a lot. Now only occasionally, when I bump into an interesting store. But no experiments, just Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. ....whatsit again??? 5? 4? 2? Dunno! To lazy to go look.
...and only one more cigar that I try spontaneously!

Combine it with Remy Martin and Jeeves and Wooster plus dress up as hard as you can and this is gon' be your day.

...or even better a good book, like one of those under this vintage parfume bottle (with Tabak After Shave in it).
Its the most traditional and classic scent. My grandfather used it. He smelled like a man!

Ps: Edward green does monks for Pimps now (s. pict). Awesome, gonna wear those in my Cadillac slappin biatches tomorrow.
"Dave, Hoes, Hoes, Dave"
"Good evening bitches"
By Dave Chappelle

PS: Do you know why a Montecristo or a Romeo&Julieta is called this way? Because the people who roll the cigars are listening to someone reading stories and history to them while they roll.
They'd all have a phd in history in no time after rolling for a couple of times!