Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Distinct from prepiness

Since unabashadlyprep's F.E. Castleberry doesn't like critizism but only cheap ass-kissing I gave up commenting (and getting deleted) about the crappy pictures this blog uploads lately. Im sorry if any of you are fans of this work but all the waspi- and preppiness is going too far. Everyone should just stop it. It sure is good to see the WASPs are not gone with the time but I only see a WASP or a prep in people who relly deserve being called this way. That's families with background of whom you cannot take pictures in your average neighborhood but in the hamptons or marthas vineyard. Its definetly not people buying this seasons cloth (which are by luck looking preppy) and looking prep since they will for sure look different next summer. Its not a self-loving guy or girl nextdoor who is happy that he or she is able to wear cloth that look rather serious (which a blue blazer with khakis is, in comparison to jeans n tshirts with nikes) to finally being able to show the world how much of an adult they think they resemble by having pictures taken of themselves. Yes, "having taken", like:
"Gosh dont I look fresh today, please Peter take a picture of me at the next park with a facial expression just like a french bulldog-but it has to look totally natural!"
Its okay to love handmade cloth, fabrics and stuff but thats as good as loving handmade cars or knifes. Its male!
It is not male to act as if oneself was a beautyprincess running the world for recognition and/or compliments.
Then again: wanting to look like an adult but behaving as ...something else.

I mean blogging is new to me too but acting/dressing/thinking a certain way is not and that is why all those so called prepsters are off next year and especially in 10yrs time when its my time again to see if someone is my kind of people by the way they dress. Its really strange out there these days. I mean a lion recognizes another lion in the wilderness (remember a similar quote from Wallstreet II ?) , but its getting harder if zebras start dressing and acting as lions for a couple of seasons. But then again: its over in a couple of those seasons...

So at first I thought: F.E. Castleberry is a lion but now that he publishes stuff far from preppiness on an irritatingly prep-named blog I come to the conclusion that he's not.
I mean wearing stuff that is crazy at first sight is good and inspiring, but dont overdo it cause it lacks of effortlessness! Don't get me wrong, he did indeed post very interesting and super stylish photos/articles (about this one collector of books and velvet slippers in NY e.g.), but now that he's famous and earning money with his stuff the blog lost it's "realness" as we say in the bronxs!
Say word.
Word I'm sayiin'!

Stay true to yourself. Don't let your cloth control the way you behave/think you should behave in them. And only buy shoes that last 20years if you know you'll be running around in these for this time and still like em.
If not than dont and save you some good money (which is aaaalways my first advice).
Its not bad in any way to be un-preppy, but please act naturally and effortless and dress in cloth that make you feel at home.
One doesn't want to forget his roots.

Ps: Not sorry for mistakes and/or bad english but I will not always re-read stuff;-)

Pps: "Effortless". Thats the best word to conclude this post;-)

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