Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

Suedes, finally.

Its autumn and its time for desert boots and suede shoes in general:-)
I try to stick to this season when it comes to suede shoes, but sometimes a light suede shoe or dark suede shoe matches a grey flanell or blue suit during the year. Mostly suede is too informal for my business suits, but even though I wear them with pleasure to my suits, at least if it doesnt feel too italian, cause this is what I try to avoid!

Here I wear a casual Levis with holes to pink/blue socks from New&Lingwoods with my suede slippers, which are very close to those I will show you later that day, at the feet of my style role-model!
Be curious;)

PS: Edelweiss-flower pinned to my jacket. Mointaineers represent:)