Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

Ties, too many...

I am selling like 70 of my ties.
They are very vintage and are very used.
Like 50% have rips and stuff and are over 10 yrs old.

If some of you want to decorate with them or want to have them cleaned and wear them like the old chums of the Chap Magazine to other real vintage stuff, please comment and contact me.
You'll find the offer at ebay.kleinanzeigen.

If you like trades, like me, you can also offer me something else I might like:-)

The brands are: Edsor Kronen, Donna Karan, Zegna, Longchamp, Harrods London, Atkinsons, Ladage und Oelke, Ascot, SØR, Seidenfalter, Bolgheri, Pfau, Herbert Stock

Now please enjoy these pictures of those old  beauties!

Edsor Kronen.
Edsor, a mixture of Edward and Windsor (Yessir!) is a super traditional brand, even my grandfather wore all the time.
It now is a famous brand from Berlin, going through a 2nd hype because of Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke the new owner (and part of the founder-family) of the company. He's in TV all the time and makes it more interesting to watch!
for more pictures and an interview.

Ladage&Oelke... Hmmmm. 
Best brand ever!!!

Italian... Urgh;-)

This polka-dotted tie is one of my vintage fav's and I love the crested logo on the inside.

Superthin, super hipster of today-like.

Did you know there is a pet-shop inside Harrods. You can even buy and watch living pets there.
What dont they sell??

If this was velvet it'd be killer!

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