Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

When I told my tailor to make me a suit...

...I showed him those Images (and even more) for Inspiration.
The man in the double breasted suit, as I love the color and because I think his style is very cool, very very cool.
The man with the blackberrythingy, as I love his cuffs and the silhouette (trousers reach maximum of shortness!!!).
Prince Charles, as his suits are just well cut and because I adore the color.
These images are beautiful to look at.
The only suit I'd wear though would be Prince Charles' or the double-breasted.
The other one's just to italian/boyish...

It is hard to find a cloth that is a) of truly good quality, b) structured like flanell without being as short-lasting as flanell and c) comfy enough!

I am confident to recommend Holland&Sherry and am now wondering if I can trust Loro Piana!
Now, can I????

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