Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

take some time for yourself

what I like: buy myself one of my favorite magazines, eat in a simple restaurant somewhere in the city, have an espresso afterwards and smoke a
pipe with cherry tobacco. all of this alone and without appointments.
this day I only worked till 1200 and took the day off.

I think one should really learn to be alone with oneself and to be happy.
one cannot always be with people.
its good to take some time off each day, just for yourself because youre the most important person in your life.
axk yourself: how do I feel? what do I miss? how can I get better/happier?
its the worst thing that can happen to you if you just keep on running blind through your life... worst thing youll end up with a burnout or simply unsatisfied.

there's a funny quote I will ad post scriptum concerning being with people in general.

you see:
yesterdays flanell suit.
Huntsman London Belt.
Crocket's dub monks (unleashed cause not at work).
tie's from, hold your breath, Prada-but if you know me, youll know I'd neva buy in any of these shops(especially Prada cause those bastards bought Church's if I remember correctly).
it was a gift and I love the tie alot for it's looks and for the person who's it from!
Pocketsquare: plain white

have a good weekend peers


  1. I couldn't agree more. I'm very much looking forward to a moment like that myself, in the upcoming weekend.

    Take care!

  2. One really looks forward to these moment, doesnt one?
    Like other people look forward to a weekend full of parties, I look forward to these hours!
    Once you recognize the quality of this alone-with-yourself-time you do not want to get rid of it!
    Enjoy your weekend:-)

  3. Love the middle photo with the ribbon belt and banker striped shirt. Fantastic colours.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  4. LSS ~ I'm unable to comment on your blog, but I can comment on this one. I don't know why... I think there is something wrong with Blogger.

  5. LBF - Yes, probably something wrong with Blogger. Let's hope for a quick fix.

    GGG - Sorry for hijacking your blogg ;)

  6. Back home finally.
    Thank you for the comments.
    @LBF; the Huntsman-belt is my absolute favorite to a serious suit!
    Hope you two had a good weekend too!
    @LSS; please keep on hijacking-I am looking fwd to any of your comments;)